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Very good teaching. Always reachable to teachers. Equal importance given to both education and curricular activity. First preference is given to education not financial parameters.


Parent of Trisha, IX std

Aditi School – Interactive Learning Aditi School is the best institution in our locality. Well qualified teachers are available for all the subjects. The school not only teaches lessons but also discipline and morality. The students are allowed to exhibit their talents regularly in academics. The infrastructure of the school is admirable. Not only education, Aditi School injects moral values in the minds of the children. I am proud to by my child is a part of Aditi School.tudents aware of it.

Mrs. Manjari, Mr. Srinath

Parents of Sharanya II std

I have studied in Aditi Public School from U.K.G. To 10th std. It was a wonderful journey with my friends and teachers. Whatever I am today is because of my school. My principal Mr. Bharath Kumar Sir was very supportive. He used to encourage and inspire us from day 1 of the school. In my school equal Importance is given for studies, sports and extracurricular activities. In addition to studies we also had personality development classes, Karate, Yoga and Science Utsav classes. I was very lucky to study in such a school and to have such teachers and principal.

Harish – Student


We have noticed all the time since a year that school staff and teachers are very humble and caring towards our child of kindergarten. We really thankful for their esteemed efforts to bring up our children, to this level where they can do their daily activities like read, write etc on their own without taking anybody’s help. We parents of Advaith.s.rao (pre-kg) are glad to say you that our kid learned a lot as we said above statement (on their own) within the period of 10months. Also, we are happy to say you that we have given our kids to ‘SAFE HANDS.’ Whether it is about education or caring way. Every credit specially should go to staffs and teachers of the school.

Dr.B.S.Sateesha, Smt.Soumyasateesha.

Aditi Public School is a well education system. In this school all the teachers are well educated and trained; they give good education to all the children. Teaching method of the teachers is very simple, special and attractive. So a student understands easily and they learn the concepts Aditi Public School is a well education system. In this school all the teachers are well educated and trained; they give good education to all the children. Teaching method of the teachers is very simple, special and attractive. So a student understands easily and they learn the concepts quickly. Teachers will give tests regularly, to know whether the child is learning the concepts or not. And parents meetings are conducted every month to know their child’s progress. Not only they teach academics but also train the students to excel the students in other activities like Drawing, Painting, Yoga, and Karate etc .In the school they celebrate festivals. One of the festival of Krishna Jayanthi. The students will be dressed beautifully as Radha Krishna dresses. So this is the happiest moment to children and for parents as well. They also celebrate national festivals with a great joy.


Parent of Janavi L.K.G

I am Narasimha Rao, Father of the student Alladi Sai Likhith, Studying 2 std standard in your School ADITI. My kid started Schooling with ADITI and we are very happy and proud to say that we have been associated with the school for last four years. Initially when I joined my kid in ADITI, I had a lot of excitement and a kind of uncertainty of my choice in letting my kid grow as little champ! Now after four years, I strongly feel as my choice is right as my kid had shown consistent and quality learning year on year. I could not stop conveying my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Teachers, Coordinators, staff and one and all helped the kid for happy learning with fun. I would like to draft a few list of point’s below to appreciate ADITI on providing quality education.

  • Teachers are always approachable. They are so kind to answer and guide parents with clarifications.
  • I especially admire the kind of attention paid by the teachers in grooming the kids which far exceeds my expectations.
  • The quality of content of the books chosen by ADITI and also the way of teachers heading the kids with the syllabus is really commendable.
  • Communication to parent’s one key thing. It is brilliant that ADITI School has the tie-up with Digital Dairy to provide quick notifications to parents along with Diary communications
  • Appreciate ADITI for encouraging kids to participate in Olympiad Exams so that it helps kids in up skill their talents with competitive spirit with high standards.
  • Though my kid not at the age to participate in Karate, I appreciate ADITI in facilitating Karate for kids and encouraging them with karate for self discipline, self defense, good exercise.

Thank you so much all efforts by one and all for great learning of the kids.

Narasimha Alladi

Parent of Alladi Sai Likith II std

There is a saying… mother is the first teacher of a child. But, I would like to add school and teachers equally play an important role in the child’s overall development as it grows. The school, not only take the responsibility of educating children, but an expert in comforting the tiny tots to adjust themselves in the new environment and creating a good platform of learning from the basic. The qualified teachers not only play the role of teachers, but as a mother in times of child’s health issues. Special attention is given to cover the portion by assisting parents. Well maintained classrooms, hygienic restrooms; fully covered corridors and C.C.T.V covered areas shows that the importance is given for the safety purpose of children. Regular health checkup program. Yoga, Karate, Science Utsav, Cultural & Sports events, knowledge visits are conducted for the overall development of children. The school is at its best in presenting well educated, good mannered and successful individual to the society.


Parent of Varendra VII std

My child is having a wonderful learning experience at Aditi public school. The students respect each other and are like a wonderful school community and I’m thankful for all respected teachers who encouraged our children to work hard. This school has given my daughter such confidence that she is excelling!!!The teachers are treating the students like their own children. Our children are getting nice education in this school. My child is getting nice opportunity to learn in this school.


We are very much happy for our decision which we have taken regard to admission of our child Pranav. K.N to ADITI PUBLIC SCHOOL. Our son has started his education journey from pre-kg now he is studying in V STD. The quality of education, syllabus and fee structure are very much satisfactory compared to other schools in our surrounding areas. The co-curricular activities like yoga, karate is an added advantage. The event like science adda / Science Utsav will make students more knowledgeable. A very big thanks to school management and all the teachers, co-staffs who has played an important role to become students more confident and independent.



A great education is the best gift parents can give a child. We felt this gift is given to my daughter by admitting in “Aditi Public School”. A great education is the best gift parents can give a child. We felt this gift is given to my daughter by admitting in “Aditi Public School”. Safeguarding is paramount of Aditi Public School. The teachers and administrator staff are excellent, very kind, positive, and easy to communicate with them because of friendly atmosphere in the school. The staff members nurture the children to learn and improve their social skills, became more self confident by providing other co curricular activities like Karate and Yoga. The teachers help the child to improve their vocabulary, subject knowledge, making aware of the benefits of recycling and taking care of the plants resources without burdening the child. The staff takes great care of the hygiene; the school is very clean and tidy. We are very happy to be the part of the Aditi family. And strongly recommend for other parents to become a part of this school by admitting their child and proving a platform to improve their child’s talents and become the good citizens of India.

Murali Krishna.K

Father of Sahasra Krishna, IV std

As a parent we would like to jot down some features of Aditi Public School:

  • School environment is very good as it is located in a very peaceful area which free from pollution as well.
  • The School has got very good safety measures for the children.
  • The Principal has taken good initiative in terms of Health education, Karate classes, Yoga and Social curriculum activities.
  • Teachers are well trained to provide the best education to the students.
  • The school has the facilities like Pega boards, Clay work, Number board, take away gifts etc.
  • The very unique thing is the concept of Colour Day. Every first day of the month they celebrate colour Day where the students wear the colour dress instead of uniform, to teach them the colour and the changes of the months as well.

The school celebrates the Festivals to make students aware of it.

Mr. Indra Kumar

Parent of Charvi, UKG

The school is not focusing only in studies but trying to make kids good human beings in life. The teachers always try to teach the kid with innovative ideas. The management and the teachers always try to improve children in their learning and developing skill in all the fields through activities. The facilities like Health Check up, Parent teacher meetings are there for the development of the kids. The School fees are affordable.

ChanakyaTiwariJyothi Tiwari

Parent of Tej and Sameer Tiwari UKG