Aditi Public School


Welcome to a school that is rapidly gaining popularity for being different.

We take pride in a welcoming campus with nurturing teachers and staff, a place where students love to call it their second home. We provide students the space and guidance to explore, uncover and grow their abilities and awareness of themselves to stimulate reasoning in various perspectives.

Our mission is to help children reach their full potential; we accomplish this through an interactive, integrated and multi-cultural curriculum. We foster creativity, teach logical, analytical, critical thinking and promote social and problem solving skills necessary to lead a healthy and productive life. 


Why you should choose Aditi

Knowledge can be acquired in every passing moment, through experiences, conversations, meditation and several others. 

We strongly believe that every child has the capacity to exceed expectations in some form or the other, we use various different learning techniques for students as we understand that each individual has a different learning style.

 By applying to our institution you are guaranteeing your child their best future as an individual who is aware of their abilities and not just another cog in the machine. Let’s step out of the rat race together and emerge victorious as a community. 

Trusted by Many Students and Parents

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