Aditi Public School


It’s not just what we teach but how we teach.

KINDERGARTEN: Our school has a holistic and balanced program that meets the needs of pre-primary children. An architecture of child friendly activity based curriculum has been designed in order to lay a firm foundation for the next level of schooling. We make sure we teach using various teaching methods as we understand each child has their own way of learning.

The medium of instruction is English and from 1st standard to 10th Standard First language is English.

The curriculum is planned comprehensively so that it enhances learning, facilitates thinking and helps in developing clear communicative and cognitive languages. The curriculum covers the spectrum of

  • Language and Phonics (Training and Review by ChipperSage)
  • Numeration and Algebraic Concepts
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Art & Craft, Drawing, Coloring
  • Oratorical skill & Music

Our school gives emphasis on all round development and also evaluates both mental and physical health. Regular visits by Child Psychologist (Mental health) and Address Health (Physical health check). The school has various activities ( with our Partnership programs) like sports, yoga, karate, hands on science projects & experiments managed by Science Utsav/ Discovery kids & lot of co-curricular activities along with educational trips.

GRADE 1 TO 10 : Our school follows CCE pattern (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) which is similar to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and the examining authority is KSEEB (Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board) with SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) certification.


  • We have Formative assessments followed by Summative assessments.
  • For 10th Standard, the examination board is SSLC (Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board). Written assessment is for 80 Marks and internal assessment is for 20 Marks.
  • High School (IX and X STD) are NCERT Books as prescribed by Education Department