A great education is the best gift parents can give a child. We felt this gift is given to my daughter by admitting in “Aditi Public School”. Safeguarding is paramount of Aditi Public School. The teachers and administrator staff are excellent, very kind, positive, and easy to communicate with them because of friendly atmosphere in the school. The staff members nurture the children to learn and improve their social skills, became more self confident by providing other co curricular activities like Karate and Yoga. The teachers help the child to improve their vocabulary, subject knowledge, making aware of the benefits of recycling and taking care of the plants resources without burdening the child. The staff takes great care of the hygiene; the school is very clean and tidy. We are very happy to be the part of the Aditi family. And strongly recommend for other parents to become a part of this school by admitting their child and proving a platform to improve their child’s talents and become the good citizens of India.