There is a saying… mother is the first teacher of a child. But, I would like to add school and teachers equally play an important role in the child’s overall development as it grows. The school, not only take the responsibility of educating children, but an expert in comforting the tiny tots to adjust themselves in the new environment and creating a good platform of learning from the basic. The qualified teachers not only play the role of teachers, but as a mother in times of child’s health issues. Special attention is given to cover the portion by assisting parents. Well maintained classrooms, hygienic restrooms; fully covered corridors and C.C.T.V covered areas shows that the importance is given for the safety purpose of children. Regular health checkup program. Yoga, Karate, Science Utsav, Cultural & Sports events, knowledge visits are conducted for the overall development of children. The school is at its best in presenting well educated, good mannered and successful individual to the society.